Teaching Smart People How To Learn

The points made in “Teaching Smart People How To Learn” are not only interesting, but also very intuitive.  It makes perfect sense that the smartest people in a company would have the hardest time learning something new.  All through school problem solving is what is encouraged.  Naturally the smartest people were the best at this.  Their proficiency in this was rewarded all through their academic careers.  They were trained to think critically to break down the problems that were presented to them.  However, they were not trained to think critically about why they were breaking down those problems.  This was the difference presented in the single and double loop models.  In the single loop model problems kept occurring over and over because the workers were not thinking about why the problems were happening, they were  just reacting to the fact that there were problems.  In the double loop process the workers try and figure out why the problem is happening.  When the double loop is employed as a strategy the chances of a repeat problem decrease significantly.

The ost interesting part of the article for me was the bit about the consultants putting too much pressure on themselves. They felt that they had to be the best and the sentiment often led to problems.  It is counterintuitive that the fear of failure would lead to failure.  However, it almost certainly does.  The fear of failure may lead to a fear of taking chances, chances that might be necessary in order to not fail.  Of all the things discussed in this article, this is the one I can most relate to in my own life.


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